Disciple Summer Mission is composed of a teams of several leaders that plan, pray, and work hard to organize each week for your churches youth group to attend. Since 2011, the dynamic of Disciple Summer Mission has changed from a couple of churches gathering, to about 550 participants, from 13 different states, in two different locations, and crossing into 7 different states.  All groups, 6th through the 12th grade and their accompanying adults, are welcomed to join us for a week of mission.

Disciple Summer Mission focuses on 5 pillars when we plan our trips. When we choose a location, we contact local churches and organizations to see the best way that we can help them. Once we have found work we can find housing! We know working all day can be exhausting, so we value the places we stay. Once we are set with worksites, we can then look for places to worship whether that would be a local church or the auditorium at the university. We plan worships that will reach all people where they are. Food is a very important to our stamina! We provide nutritious meals to keep us going all week long! Last but not least, we work hard and we play hard! DSM knows that rest and unwinding is important. On Tuesday and Thursday night, DSM finds an evening activity for all participating. Sometimes that is renting a movie theatre, renting out a zoo, learning at local museums, or enjoying a local sports game. All members of our planning teams have been on the trip as a leader, and we know that being present with your students is important! We set aside Wednesday night as a free night for the churches to spend time together, go out for a nice dinner, do something local, or have a nice relaxing night in!