When you sign up for a DSM trip, your church gets to experience the intimacy of a small group mission trip, with the luxury of large group activities.

DSM works on 5 pillars of we use to structure our trips.

5 pillars.jpg

What will you be responsible for?

  • Transportation: You will need to get your group to and from the selected DSM location, as well as to and from work sites and evening activities.

  • Pre-Trip Communication: When you register your group, you will be asked to provide a contact person, this person will receive all communication from DSM leadership and will be responsible for relaying that information to your group participants.

  • Wednesday Night/Free Night: DSM keeps Wednesday night open as a free night for you to spend with your church. You are on your own for dinner and evening activity. Some churches use this time to have a nice sit down dinner or go experience some local fun!

  • Your group/students: DSM requires that each participant completes the registration process, however, the group leader is responsible for their group participants during the week, such as, making sure each participant is where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there.


A Layout of the Trip

Monday: At check-in you will be given a set of dorm keys and a welcome packet. Go to your rooms, unpack, and get ready for the week! Referencing the schedule given, head to the next activity. after worship, an adult meeting will be held to go over basic information, talk about communication during the week, and answer any questions you might have.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Each morning will begin with breakfast. Referencing your work site sheet, head out to your work site. Each participant is given a gift card to cover lunch for all three work days. We encourage you to take your group off the work site to each. After working that afternoon, head to the dorms to clean up, if you wish to do so. And then head to worship. On Tuesday and Thursday nights, DSM plans an large group evening activity. Wednesday night is free night, each group is on their own for dinner and activity.

Friday: Check-out instructions will be given during the week. After check-out and breakfast, DSM hosts a closing worship. At the conclusion of worship, DSM sends out our participants with the charge to continue to help people in small and big ways.


we aren’t a typical camp

Before joining DSM you should know this, we are not a typical summer camp. We DO provide evening worship with a keynote, a daily devotional guide, adult support, daily work, and fun evening activities. However, we DO NOT run small groups, manage your students, or hand out medication. DSM is a resource for churches to use for mission work. DSM has churches that participate each year that use this week as their summer camp. If you are in need of that, send us an email at disciplesummermission@gmail.com and we can talk about how this week can best serve you and what you need for your students.