> Where and when do the events begin and end?

  • DSM: Youth will officially begin at 3:00 pm on Monday, June 24 and ends on Friday, June 28 at 10:00 am.

> What are the sleeping arrangements?

Historically, we have stayed in college dormitories. You should bring twin sheets, sleeping bag/blanket, and pillow.

> What is included in the $300 cost for DSM YOUTH?

  • Lodging
  • All Meals (except Wednesday evening dinner) while you are with us
  • Evening activities on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
  • Construction materials and project supplies that are specific to your project
  • Worship every evening

> What is the deposit/payment schedule for DSM YOUTH?

March 31, $100 deposit for each person attending the trip

May 31st the balance is due for total number attending. Fees are transferable among participants.

> How do we arrange payment for DSM YOUTH?

Payments should be made through the group/church that is attending. During group registration, the group/church leader will fill out the online form and mail a check to the appropriate location for the trip that was chosen. After that the parent/guardian will fill out the individual registration form and the group/church will then mail the remaining balance that is left.

> What is the cancellation/refund policy?

  • The $100 per person deposit due on March 31 is non refundable but can be transferred among participants. (Example: May be used for someone else other than the one that was listed, if the student was listed by name.)
  • May 31 the balance is due for total number attending. Fees are transferable among participants.
  • Refund of 50% less deposit and fees already paid for cancellations received in writing by June 1.
  • 100% less $100 for medical emergency or family death up to June 1
  • No refunds for non emergency cancellations after June 1.
  • No refunds if the trip is cut short for any reason.

NOTE: This policy has been established because DSM incurs costs in planning for any child or adult to be present at the event. Food and t-shirts are purchased ahead of time as well as supplies for mission and evening activities. The fees that are not refunded will go toward mission in the area of service.

> What does the schdule look like?

The schedule is designed to help our participants work during the day and have fun at night. After eating breakfast, the work begins and ends in time for worship and the evening activity. For a more detailed schedule, check the trips page.

> What will the work projects be like? Do we need to bring working supplies?

We will be doing a variety of manual larbor projects and relational ministry projects on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. All construction and project supplies will be provided for the groups and a representative from DSM will make sure that each work site has all that it needs in regards to the constructional and project supplies. An example would be: if you are replacing a piece of drywall, we will provide the drywall and nails, and you will be required to provide the hammer to put it up.

> Who can come on the trip for DSM YOUTH?

Groups can bring youth who have completed grades 6-12. Younger family members may attend with special permission from the DSM planning teams. Please contact us to make those arrangements.